Leading Calne Lantern Parade

Leading Calne Lantern Parade

We hope by now you’ve heard that Sunny Days have the honour of leading the Calne Lantern Parade on the 30th November.

Our float will be based around the fictional character, the Ghost of Christmas Past. In the Charles Dickens’ novel, the Ghost of Christmas Past demonstrates to Scrooge the necessity of changing his bitter and cold ways. Many children find parts of the novel and film scary, that’s why we’ve chosen to recreate the Christmas Eve party when the Ghost takes Scrooge to remember the happier times.

To successfully reenact the party, the children are busy preparing decorations for the float. The decorations include streamers, banners, balloons and of course, lanterns. The Town Council kindly gifted us lantern kits, which have allowed us to make our own lanterns for the parade. They’re providing to be quite fiddly, but the children are making great progress and we already have a great selection.

As it’s a party, the children will wear their best party outfits for the festive celebration. If we complete the lanterns in time, we’re hoping to make party hats and crowns too.

We’re delighted to have 12 families coming to support us on the night. We’ll be meeting at Deceuninck car park on Porte Marsh Industrial Estate at 4:00 pm, ready to start the procession at 4:20 pm.

We welcome as many families as possible to get involved, from across all three of our settings. If you’d like to join us, please let us know, we’d love to see you there.

And finally, wrap up warm and get ready to party!