Success at the Calne Lantern Parade

Success at the Calne Lantern Parade

Just over a week ago, we were joined by lots families on our float for Calne Lantern Parade.

Our float successfully reenacted the Christmas party which Ghost, a fictional character, took Scrooge to remember the happier times, thanks to the staff and children who made a fabulous selection of lanterns and decorations.

As with any event in Calne, it was great to see the community come together and celebrate the Lantern Parade and Christmas Festival of Lights. The Gazette and Herald have written an article covering the event, including catching a great picture of our float (picture 8).

Tim Havenith took a video which you can view on YouTube. Can you spot us?

A big thank you to;

Paul, Managing Director of JJ & S Transport for driving us through the town, helping us set up and your kindness.

Fritha, who is now at Senior School but had attended Sunny Days when she was a baby, for continuing to support the nursery and being our Ghost.

Fynamore School for loaning us your chairs.

B&Q Chippenham for supplying the decorations.

Calne Leisure Centre for storing our equipment.

Calne Town Council for recognising our outstanding contribution and for our £100 prize.

And finally the staff, children and families who without, we wouldn’t of been able to pull off such a great event.