Preparing for school

Preparing for school

Starting school can be a daunting time for both parents and their child. At Sunny Days, we aim to support you and your child to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. We understand and value the importance of your child’s emotion and social well-being while fostering their learning and development. We work closely with Reception teachers from the local schools to ensure your child reaches their full potential before transitioning from nursery to school.

So, what does the term ‘school readiness’ mean? There’s a lot of debate surrounding this term, however, what most parents want to know is Is my child ready to go to school?

Pre-school plays a significant part in preparing your child for school. There is strong evidence to suggest that children who attend a good quality, well-structured setting where the Early Years Foundation Stage is delivered by qualified practitioners have an increased chance of settling well into school life. Studies show that these children are also better equipped with the emotional and social skills needed to be ‘school ready’.

To continue the support at home, we work collaboratively with parents/carers, ensuring children have a solid foundation to build their skills, giving them the best possible chance of being ready for school.

We work with local schools in a variety of different ways throughout the year, but transition planning begins at the start of the academic year. Typically, this includes a meeting with two Reception teachers from Fynamore School. Having our pre-school on the Fynamore School site allows us to talk to parents/carers about how we support and prepare your child for school. It also enables us to know whether your child’s peers are going to the same school and meet other parents/carers from Sunny Days.

During the last term, usually in June, we plan a weekly school session programme to maximise the support we give parents/carers and the children in the lead up to the transition. A balance of activities is completed both in the pre-school and at home, including physical activity.

If you have any questions regarding transitioning to school, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to help you.