We work hard to create a ‘home from home’ environment that provides a gentle transition from home to nursery life.

Our Sunny Days Children's Nurseries in Calne and Lyneham offer bright and stimulating baby rooms which are full of age appropriate toys and equipment. The rooms have plenty of space for babies to explore their environment as well as having an outdoor ‘baby garden’ and a designated area for messy activities such as painting, water and sand activities.

Babies room

Our baby room is very much a home from home that has a range of open-ended, tactile resources and activities that help babies develop their motor skills and aid learning, encouraging babies to make their own choices. 

We have plenty of space and resources that allow little ones to develop mobility, dexterity and language, on their way to becoming a toddler. Quiet areas are provided with cots, allowing babies to rest. 


Staff within the baby room follow individual routines and provide each baby with plenty of care and attention. Activities involving adult interaction are planned on a daily basis and this helps to support babies in reaching their full potential. Parents are given daily feedback that relates to their child’s routine, meals, nappy changes and the activities they have enjoyed.


Babies at a glance...

Purpose built baby rooms for newborns to 24 months

Carer to child ratio of 1:3

A nurturing, safe, caring and stimulating environment

Using movement, sound, colour and touch babies are encouraged to explore, develop and above all, enjoy their second home

We follow the EYFS

We strive to mirror feeding habits, nappy changes and sleep routines

A special 'baby garden'