At Sunny Days Pre-school, we’re focused on instilling a natural love of learning in children and building their self-confidence, readying them for the next chapter.

Children learn through imaginative play, so this is the central focus at both our Calne and Lyneham pre-schools. Little ones can choose from a range of exciting activities, from dressing up to getting creative with arts and crafts, all within a safe, welcoming environment.

A structured routine built around adult-led, enhanced activities plays a key role in preparing children for school. We use tools such as stories and songs to help develop language skills, closely following the EYFS framework, which places great emphasis on supporting and developing a child’s individual interests. 

We’re committed to helping each child reach their full potential. Sunny Days encourages children to develop their sense of independence, joining in with lunchtime tasks such as setting the tables and tidying up after activities. 

Our fun-filled, spacious pre-school rooms provide the perfect environment for little ones to grow their social skills, form friendships and enjoy group activities, forming positive bonds with peers and staff alike. 

Sunny Days Pre-school at a glance...

  • Carer to child ratio of 1:8
  • Walking distance from the baby and toddler nursery
  • Preparing little ones for school by following the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) framework. 
  • Developing your child’s self-confidence, emotional skills, and social skills; deepening their respect for their natural environment.
  • A structured approach built around a variety of activities including music, science, and creative play
  • Gardening area and outdoor entertainment.